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Meriden Visitation Project

The Meriden DCF Project was completed April 1st of 2022. In partnership with RiseUP for Arts/CT Murals, three incredibly talented artists were brought in to transform the visitation rooms and lobby. Additionally, Our House Meriden, a non-profit after-school art program for Meriden students, created a beautiful mural in the infant room.  With the support of local community members, schools, businesses, churches, unions and foundations, the Meriden Visitation space is a stunning environment which encourages, motivates, and supports every child and family. 

Special Thanks To Our:


Meriden Public Elementary Schools


John Barry Elementary

Benjamin Franklin Elementary

Thomas Hooker Elementary

Hanover Elementary

Casimir Pulaski Elementary

Roger Sherman Elementary

Bethany Walker, OT

Cheshire Fitness Zone

Kiwanis Club


Anastasia Cooke

Miguel Fuentes


Local 326 Carpenters Union

Whitehawk Construction

Jose Figueroa


Christine Webster

Gallery 53

Universal Health Care Foundation of CT

Liberty Restaurant Group


Downtown Coffee Shop

Grace Place Food Pantry

Jordan's Furniture


The RiseUP Group

Micaela Levesque

Infant Room

Candyce "Marsh" John

Teen Room

Chris Gann

Toddler & Family Rooms

Our House Meriden

Art Room


Meriden Infant Room
Meriden Infant 1
Meriden Infant 2
Meriden Infant 3
Meriden Infant 4

This Infant Room was loving painted by Our House Meriden teachers & students. Designed to bring parent and baby closer together, this room allows parents to snuggle their little ones, change diapers, play and read together. Each student left a handprint on the "Palm Tree" with their name to encourage families and let them know they are loved!


Meriden Sensory Room 1
Meriden Sensory Room 2
Meriden Sensory Room 2a
Meriden Sensory Room 1a
Meriden Sensory Walk

The Sensory-Friendly Rooms were designed in conjunction with Bethany Walker, OT. These rooms provide input and output for kids with varying sensory needs and allow for parents to learn tools and examples that they can implement and use to best help their children, even at home. Calming rooms & dimming lights with ample gross motor activities, furniture for play, and interactive toys to encourage connection, these rooms are the perfect fit for any child, but especially those with sensory needs.

The Sensory Walk is the perfect addition to this Visitation office. Created to help kids "get the wiggles out", encourage self-regulation, attention and concentration skills, this walk can be used (and changed!) again and again.


Meriden Teen Room
Meriden Teen Room 1
Meriden Room 3
Meriden Room 4

The Teen Room, transformed by the artist, Marsh, is not just fun, but inspirational, too! Designed around the interests of teens, this room showcases two "Instagram-Ready" walls. Packed with a gaming system, books, games, and fidgets, this room allows for teens to feel comfortable and have fun while parents get to engage with their teens in an exciting way.


Meriden Family Room 3
Meriden Family Room 1
Meriden Family Room 4
Meriden Family Room 2
Meriden Family Room

The Family Room is intentionally designed to bring families together in a living room environment. Filled with a table for meals or crafts, as well as toys and games specifically chosen for education and interaction between children and parents, this room not only welcomes families but encourages them to connect and grow together. 


La Bodega
La Bodega 1
La Bodega 2
La Bodega 3
La Bodega 4

La Bodega, beautifully painted by Chris Gann, is a small food pantry for families to utilize as needed. It is filled with food items that are both healthy and appealing to families and will continue to be filled by a local community partner. Additionally, there are games and toys that can be checked out for play at each visit as well as arts and crafts that can children and parents can do together and take home.


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