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Completed Projects

Visitation Room Program

What Is It?

When kids come into care,  family visitation with their parents or siblings occurs at either the regional DCF office, a visitation center or a correctional facility if parents are incarcerated. Oftentimes, these environments are lacking and can create difficult visitation experiences. Our Visitation Room Program creates loving, nurturing and safe environments where parents and their children feel comfortable and have ample opportunities to interact and grow together.  


Why Do We Do It?

The Visitation Room Program benefits children in care by allowing them a friendly and inviting space to play, the biological parents by providing opportunities for them to engage with their children, the agencies & social workers by offering better insight into the interactions between parent and child and what additional supports might be needed, and foster/kinship families by easing the transition for children going to and from visits.


As a whole, these transformed environments encourage a united approach to foster care in which biological families and children are viewed and treated with respect and love and are given the right tools to successfully reunify.

HOW Do We Do It?!

Fostering Family Hope works with local communities and businesses to provide furniture, rugs, and other items necessary to creating these supportive environments for each office/center. Every room is intentionally designed by us to encourage positive interaction and connection between child and parent and give access to creativity, representation, and fun! Through our partnership with The RiseUP Group/CT Murals, we are also able to bring in local artists to transform the visitation rooms into welcoming environments that inspire and represent each community. 


How YOU Can Help:

If you would like to contribute, you can make a financial donation or you can donate right from our Amazon & Target Wish Lists!


Want Us to Come to You?!

If you are a DCF office, visitation center or correctional facility looking for help with your visitation rooms, we would love to hear from you! Please email us by clicking the Get In Touch button below.

We are currently working on the Norwich DCF Visitation Rooms!

Find out more HERE

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