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New Haven Visitation Project

The New Haven DCF Project was completed in the Fall of 2021. Along with 4 incredibly talented artists, Fostering Family Hope transformed the visitation center at the New Haven Department of Children & Families office. With the support of local community members and churches, the New Haven office is now filled with laughter and interactive play between children and families. 

Special Thanks To Our:


Vox Church

Liz & Paul Egan

Laura Rainey

Mary Beth Henry



Liz Egan

Infant Room

Candyce "Marsh" John

Teen Room

D. Douglass

Toddler & Family Rooms

Jesse Wolf

Art Room


New Haven Infant Room
New Haven Infant 1
New Haven Infant 2

This Infant Room was sponsored by the artist, Liz Egan, and her husband Paul. Designed for calm, warmth and comfort, this room allows parents to snuggle their little ones, change diapers, play and read together. 


New Haven Toddler Room
New Haven Toddler 1
New Haven Toddler 3
New Haven Toddler 4
New Haven Toddler 5

The Toddler Room was inspired by the artist, D. Douglass, who centered the imagination of children at play. Filled with interactive toys, dress-up costumes, musical instruments, pretend play, and a reading nook, this room is a hit with little ones who are busy and on the go. Parents can easily engage with their child's imagination in this room as they learn together.


New Haven Teen Room
New Haven Teen 1
New Haven Teen 2
New Haven Teen 3

The Teen Room, transformed by the artist, Marsh, was designed to inspire and allow parents and families to engage in the interests of their teens. Furnished with game chairs, game cabinets, basketball hoop, and a TV & Playstation, this room is endless fun! The mural encourages teens and parents alike to be themselves and the chalkboard wall invites them to write & draw their own dreams, wishes, and ambitions.


New Haven Art Room
New Haven Art 1
New Haven Art 2

The Art Room in New Haven, painted by Jesse Wolf, is intentionally geared to all things creative. Packed with art supplies, an art desk, building toys, manipulatives, and games and books, this room creates opportunity for kids to be creative, imaginative, and allows parents to easily interact. 



The Family Room was designed to provide space for larger families, mealtimes, birthday parties and other special gatherings. Filled with pretend play, educational toys, games, and books, this room allows families to feel like a family.


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